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16th Sept 2021

The second PRO*TORSDAG introduced a Hybrid Co-Modelling Tool called HYCOMOTO to participants who attended the event at our lab. This hybrid tool is being developed internally at PROTO* lab as a way to address three issues. Firstly it addresses a way for multiple users to collaborate and revise jointly authored documents such as project reports, academic articles, project plans or any such document where there are multiple authors.  Secondly it considers such collaborators to be working virtually in two different places but working together online. Finally using the tool facilitates ‘physically’ building, making and re-organizing the document content. Effectively this means using the tool lets you break away from the linearity and flatness of the document’s content when working on them using screens or paper. So the tool’s aim is to literally provide depth and reading between the lines to your document, while letting you refine the content collaboratively.    

The HYCOMOTO tool has two parts. One an online environment which currently can be found in the address ‘‘ and the other part is a set of wooden plates that is used for physically building the model. As indicated below the tool works together in conjunction with these two parts. Collaborators of any document, can upload any project related content onto the online environment which generates a word cloud. This word cloud is then interpreted and using the wood plates alternative models of the document can be built by the collaborators. This allows for negotiating joint, revised and or collaborative understanding from the content of the document.