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19th Aug 2021

PROTO* Lab hosted a successful event for local stakeholders of the makers community on campus at AU BTECH.  The event, which took place on Thursday the 19th of August, was an initial step for PROTO* to foster collaboration and synergies with other maker networks to empower regional community development. 


The event offered an exciting program that was opened by Anders Frederiksen, Head of Department of Business Development and Technologywith a welcoming and presentation of the lab vision in the auspices of Aarhus UniversityMirko Presser, Associate Professor and Deputy Director of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Digital Business Development, followed providing an overview of the PROTO* Lab including the physical facility as well as the hybrid community. Karthikeya Acharya, Design Director of the Lab and Postdoctoral researcher closed the introduction with a vote of thanks.  

Kenn Rytter, Director-Head of Prototyping at LEGO, was the keynote speaker of the event, sharing many valuable insights under the overall theme ‘The art of Prototyping’ with focus on process, methods, mindset and tools. He further facilitated a hybrid maker workshop, where all participants enthusiastically prototyped and built “The greatest toy of all times”!