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The Maker’s Lab at Aarhus University, BTECH


PROTO* (Lab) is a digital technology makers community place 
at Aarhus University BTECH in Herning Denmark. The focus of 
PROTO* is ‘Making Digitalization’ using protocols, data processes 
and off the shelf products to amplify societal potential, while 
critically inquiring into its capabilities, concerns and controversies. 

As a research lab it is a pedagogical place, sensitive to reflective 

technologists seeking to discern tacit knowledge from technology 

making. As a platform it gathers and collaborates with both 

international and local networks of technologists, designers, 

entrepreneurs, artists and security activists for shaping new 

businesses and value transactions. With this PROTO* will facilitate 

and build novel business models, innovative services and 

collaborative networks for transitioning society into sustainable 

enterprises and communities. 


To collaborate with PROTO* lab, or to take part in the makers 

community, do projects or gain access to the lab, please contact 

Assistant Professor Karthikeya Acharyathe Lab Director of PROTO*. 


If you want more information for wider institutional collaboration, 

then contact Associate Professor Mirko Presser, the ENGTECH 

Section Head of BTECH Aarhus University, Herning.